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The Experimental Cuisine Collective is a working group that assembles scholars, scientists, chefs, writers, journalists, performance artists, and food enthusiasts. We launched in April 2007, as a result of the collaboration of Kent Kirshenbaum of the chemistry department and Amy Bentley of the nutrition, food studies, and public health department at New York University with Chef Will Goldfarb of WillPowder. Our overall aim is to develop a broad-based and rigorous academic approach that employs techniques and approaches from both the humanities and sciences to examine the properties, boundaries, and conventions of food.


Mission Statement

There is a growing appreciation that scientific principles can drive innovative experiences in cooking and dining. These efforts are inherently interdisciplinary. We seek to foster interactions by gathering a diverse set of participants who appreciate the scientific method and who are concerned about food and diet. Our goals are as broad as our interests, our backgrounds, and our training.

We seek to:

  • Provide a venue for scientists, food academics, culinary and pastry professionals, journalists, and the dining public to gather and exchange knowledge.
  • Contribute to a rigorous scientific understanding of the physical basis for cooking processes.
  • Enhance understanding of the social contexts for cooking and the societal ramifications of new food technologies.
  • Accelerate the discovery of scientific and experiment-based approaches to innovative culinary practices, unorthodox flavors, and new dining traditions.
  • Provide technical expertise for chefs.
  • Advocate for a balance between modern cuisine while maintaining a healthful and sustainable approach to food preparation.
  • Disseminate knowledge about human diet and health; inform the public regarding the molecular basis of nutrition and the chemical constituents of food; and foster research that will improve people’s ability to obtain and choose healthful foods on a local and global level.
  • Introduce curricula on food and cooking as an approach for generating enthusiasm among school children for studying the physical sciences.
  • Celebrate taste.

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