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December 14, 2011 Meeting

December 4, 2011

ECC co-founder and self-styled “Outlaw of Pastry” Will Goldfarb is currently the executive pastry chef of KU DE TA, Bali.  Chef Goldfarb owns and operates Willpowder and Willequipped, and has been making desserts for nearly 15 years.  In his (ideally) non-pretentious talk, Planet One: School for Boys (and Girls), Mr. Goldfarb will discuss the creative narrative from the 2011 season of dessert making, and its evolution from 2010’s Planet Zero.  This is a detailed, behind-the-scene look at the research, development, and execution of a slightly off-balance but very well intentioned pastry chef.

Register for December 2011 event in New York, NY  on Eventbrite

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