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Cross(x)Species Adventure Club

June 14, 2010

Eyebeam hosts the Cross Species (xSpecies) Adventure Club, a supper club for humans and non-humans to explore a tasty bio-diverse future. Each event is an experience of the depth and complexity of our interconnections with nonhumans, exploring the web that traces our gastronomic, economic and material interdependency with butterflies, snails, geese, bats and other intelligent and delicious creatures. This supper club will present 5 courses of foods delicious and nutritious to both humans and nonhumans, with wine, beer and edible cocktail pairing and a take-home. This on-going lifestyle experiment is created by Natalie Jeremijenko, Mihir Desai, Emilie Baltz and other intelligent creatures. Dinner preceded by 3PM Workshop. Seating is strictly limited.

Come for the workshop at 3pm: $40

Come for the dinner at 7pm: $100

Do Both!! $120

Taste a biodiverse and delicious future! The Cross(x)Species Adventure Club invites you to explore new foods and food systems designed to augment biodiversity and improve environmental health. They are recruiting the adventurous for an extravagant many course dinner on June 19th, and a pre-dinner workshop (3pm) to become micro-investors in emerging food systems. The menu developed with gastronomist superstar Mihir Desai, and design oversight by Emilie Baltz (of fork and spoon) provides an extraordinary experience for a maximum of 20 adventurers. The afternoon workshop will introduce you to state-of-the-art molecular gastronomy (and beyond) techniques and equipment in service of ecosystems design.

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